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Paul’s Grass Lawn Care Services
Offering grass cutting, gardening services for all of Bradford, Ontario.



• Serving Bradford West Gwillimbury, East Gwillimbury , Innisfil, Bond Head

.Cutting which we specialize in consists of mowing the yard, trimming and blowing off all hard surfaces to maintain a neat and tidy appearance..(Grass cutting / Lawn Cutting )
• Spring/Fall clean ups.
• Fertilizing & Seeding.
• Laying sod.
• Free Quotes.
• Either weekly or biweekly and one time services
• Service begins mid to late April


We are now booking new lawn care clients for the 2019 season


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Contact: Paul for a reasonable rate 647-831-7245



Fall / Winter Fertilizing


Our Fall / Winter Fertilizing schedule starts the third week of September until mid October. The fall lawn fertilization strategy is important. Your Grass is switching from leaf growth production to root growth and carbohydrate storage. This will continue until the soil temperatures reach into the -1's. The same amount of photosynthesis is going on, but instead of blade growth, it is focusing more on root growth and energy storage. With cool-season grass, the fall is the most vital time to fertilize your lawn.